The Earth Commandments

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"Man has lost a capacity to foresee and forestall.

He may end by destroying the earth."

Albert Einstein


1. Thou shalt see thyself as part of the whole and not place thyself above other creatures.
2. Thou shalt live in balance and harmony with all creation and not seek dominion over nature.
3. Thou shalt not multiply thy species endlessly without regard to the limits of my bounty.
4. Thou shalt not empty the seas of fish and the forest of trees, nor turn fertile fields to deserts and take the blue from the skies.
5. Thou shalt not overgraze thy sheep till pastures disappear and famine visits the land.
6. Thou shalt not produce what cannot be destroyed and returned to dust upon the earth.
7. Thou shalt not harvest greed, envy, and hatred but instead husband thy seed stock and plant as well the seeds of peace, love, and tranquility.
8. Thou shalt be a friend to the world and to all creatures great and small by doing unto all species as you would have them do unto mankind.
9. Thou shalt walk lightly upon the earth and nurture the balance of existence, seeking not a kingdom in the sky but a heaven on earth.
10. Thou shalt keep the earth a paradise as it has been for all eternity.

Mother Earth

Cap-Com, The Economics Of Balance

- Capitalism And Communalism In the Enfranchised Society -

Kent Welton

"This book represents a new course for economics, one attuned to the needs of the 21st century. It not only provides a good history of humanity’s socio-economic development but also introduces many new concepts, along with reforms to achieve more economic democracy and proposals for preserving a better estate for all future generations on our fragile planet....
This book can help achieve this goal."

John McConnell, Earth Day Founder.

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